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Graduating is the Easy Part!

Get into 16th Street - Check.

Work, engage and be present to make the most of my time as a student - Check.

Officially a graduate from 16th Street Actors Studio's full-time program - Check.

What a lot of drama school graduates don't realise, graduating IS the easy part!

Now comes the ultimate challenge that, in a general sense, life, will be put forth to the graduating actor: finding sustainable, consistent work in your craft.

This definitely is not easy, and I certainly do not have the answers.

What I do have however, is an open mind, an open heart, and eternal gratefulness for the things I already have.

The future is uncertain. So if you are certainly content with where you are now - and always having achievable goals - you will start to appreciate things in life you once took for granted.

Well done to my fellow graduates, thank you to our teachers, and I look forward to the journey ahead, wherever it may take me!

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