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Interview with SBS Serbian

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Interview with SBS Serbian is now LIVE!

Thank you to SBS Serbian and Nataša Kampmark for this lovely interview.

We talk about the play "Mine" I'm involved with director Angie Black, co-star Endrico Botha and writer Noel Maloney.

We also talk about my Serbian background.

You'll get to hear me speak a bit of Serbian too!

I'll provide an English translation below for only the answers provided in Serbian:

Q: Now, the young man that you play is called Dom, he is of Greek background but your background is Serbian, as our listeners might have guessed. Please tell us more about that.

A: I'll try to speak a little bit of Serbian... "Yes, my family is Serbian. Mum was born in Bosnia in Banja Luka, and my father was born in Croatia but they are both Serbs. My brother and sister and I were born here (in Australia)."

Q: So, this was really good what you said in Serbian, so how did you learn Serbian, do you plan to learn more?

A: "Growing up I learned the basics. I need to learn more! And I'm still learning so I'd like to apologise to our Serbian listeners. I said I have family in Serbia, so it's nice to learn."

Q: So, speaking about Serbian community and other members of community here, do you attend events in the Serbian community?

A: "Yes, when I can, for sure. I love my culture and heritage."

Q: So, that's wonderful to hear. And finally since you're an actor, are you familiar with Serbian cinema? Do you know any actors or do you know any Serbian film, or perhaps have a favourite?

A: "To be honest, no. But I did say to myself last week actually that I will start to watch Serbian cinema. An old favourite of mine is "Let's Love Each Other."/Hajde Da Se Volimo. I watched it as a kid."

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