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"Mumma's Boy" - Upcoming Short Film Project

I've got a dark comedy to film shooting from June 20th to the 24th - maybe 25th... Maybe...

So, there's not a lot to tell at this stage, but at the helm of this short film is Ewan Jinks as writer/director, and I'll be playing Nicholas - an incompetent Mumma's Boy, who is desperate to prove his independence and 'cut the apron strings' from his overbearing helicopter Mum, Sharon, by doing a job as a hitman. But her inability to let go forces him into a fight for his life.

This is already so much fun to work on and be apart of.

Shoutout also to the fabulous Fabio Motta - certified Fitzmaurice voice teacher, and clowning teacher among many things - who will be helping me in preparation for this character. Here's his website:

Stay tuned for some BTS stuff!

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