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After Dinner in Geelong

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Brought to you by Mikey and Co. Productions, comes Andrew Bovell, one of Australia's finest writers, and his first-ever play, 'After Dinner'.

Held at Shenton Theatre in Geelong, performance dates will be: Friday, 7:00 pm, March 4th

Saturday, 7:00 pm, March 5th

Sunday, 2:00 pm, March 6th


It's the 80's! In this heartfelt comedy, set in a suburban pub bistro on a Friday night, three office workers – Dympie, Paula and Monika – are desperately seeking a good night out. At an adjoining table are Gordon, recently abandoned by his wife, and Stephen, looking for something more than the usual one-night stand. As the night proceeds, inhibitions and social restraint disappear, exposing the foibles, pain and humour of the characters' inner lives.

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