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Mike-stagram? Ins-Todorovic?

Bite the bullet; I have. Gotten onto Instagram; I have.

For those who know, I had no mainstream social media since February 2019, and honestly, was great without it.

Email, mobile, this website and my casting profiles: that was it.

So why did I decide to get it, and why now?

The reality is for anyone, or anything new or relatively unknown, you need as much exposure as you can. People/Businesses/Brands with an already established body of work and following, social media can be more of a luxury and/or another way to earn income. For some, social media is how someone earns their income.

Sure, I've gotten by without it and got the odd acting job here and there, and sure I could continue to get by without it.

It wasn't until I had a chat at my cousins birthday along with their manager that the topic of social media came up (FYI, their handle is @stylebydeni who is verified with over 72k followers).

Something within that conversation resonated with me and led me to creating an Instagram account.

My IG handle is: @michael.todorovic

Now, for anyone who may be struggling with how they use social media,

Or for anyone - like me - who refused and neglected the idea of having social media.

This is what helped me personally:

It doesn't have to be forever.

Build your following.

Treat Instagram like you would your website, or any of your casting profiles.

Maintain a healthy balance with your on-screen time and what it is you consume.

Keep it professional, up to date, and showcase your brand.

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